Whether you need:

  •      Social Media done for you or with you
  •      A business page set up or an ad run
  •      A social media marketing game plan or just a point in the right direction…
It's the best time to get your social media going with Cat!It’s time to Get Social with Cat!

I’ve grown up and lived in the Bay Area of California almost my entire life. From the majestic top of Mt. Tam to the rolling hills of grapevines, I think we are the luckiest humans on the planet. That is why I choose to work with real estate clients around the Sonoma and Marin Counties exclusively.

Getting to know you and your business is my top priority. You can hire one of those online services that posts on your behalf, but do they speak in your voice? Do they know the beauty of this area? And most importantly, can they show potential clients what it’s like to work with you? No.

I like to meet my clients in person and get to know their interests and personality so that I may speak more genuinely for them. Because I only focus on real estate, I’m comfortable speaking the lingo and have an inside track to what your community may be looking for. Through Facebook ads, I can help you pinpoint and target your absolute desired customer.

What is the magic of social media?

  • Branding- what do people say about your when you’re not in the room?
  • Visibility- who is the first agent that pops into a person’s mind when they are looking to buy or sell?
  • Discoverability- 90% of home buyers begin their search online with no agent in mind. Chances are, the agent they choose will be one they ran across in that search!

Have you been avoiding social media because it’s too complicated or you don’t have the time or you just waited too darn long? A Chinese proverb says the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

Give me a call today for a free 20-minute consultation. Let’s see what we can accomplish for your business together.