Did you know you can schedule your Pinterest “pins?”

Later enhances its Pinterest scheduling service!

Christmas pins on PinterestOne of the first things I remember about joining Pinterest is a Facebook private message from a fellow social media buff asking me to please stop pinning Christmas! I was new to the site and was exploring whatever popped up in my feed. For some reason, it was summer and I was seeing a lot of Christmas crafts and recipes.

What I didn’t realize in all of my pinning was that anyone following me was seeing all of that activity! Of course, I still believe we are free to pin and share as much as we want with Pinterest! After all, my personal account is for what I want to try, not what I think others should.

However, this does bring up a great point for business. As opposed to my personal account, I want people following my business account. I absolutely want to watch the frequency and timing of what I “pin.” Pinterest can be such a time sucker that it can be very tempting to just go in and add everything to your boards all at once.

Today I learned that a new app I’m using, Later, (new to me) has added Pinterest to their scheduling abilities! Do you realize what this means? It has a free account level that will allow up to 30 pins per month. You will no doubt want more pinning abilities beyond that and the subscription rate is as low as $9/month.

Let’s say for example that you want the twenty or so best pictures of your new listing to be added to a Property Features Board. If you load those all at once, you risk losing followers. However, if you set them to load one an hour, a few things will happen:

  • You will generate curiosity by giving them breadcrumbs throughout the day.
  • You will reach a greater initial audience because people pop in and out to Pinterest throughout the day.
  • Finally, you don’t overwhelm a person who may not be interested quite yet in a home purchase and keep them following you for when they are.

Why might you want Pinterest for real estate? Here are a few examples of great boards to have:

  • As mentioned above, listing specific boards
  • Neighborhood Boards
  • Lifestyle Boards for each listing
    • What’s the simplest way to decide what goes in there? Ask your seller what are their favorite nearby businesses, parks, schools, etc.?
  • Design Boards
  • Before/After Boards
  • So many more! (I’ll be creating a whole blog on the subject soon!)

Check out more of the cool features of Later here. I’ll put together a “how-to” video walk-through soon. Are you using Later? What’s your favorite thing about the service?

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